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On Friday, girls from the thirds visited Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park in Warwickshire. The trip provided an opportunity to discuss paintings and sculptures with experts and involved a variety of activities linked to the current exhibition. Here’s what Prisha from 3K got up to during the day:

Compton Verney is a place displaying lot of amazing artwork. First, we were taken to see the work of Bridget Riley. Other artists had used mirrors and LED to create an illusion depending on the angle we looked at the work. It mimicked the way that light affects a butterfly wing. It was gifted to the Natural History Museum and on loan to Compton Verney. We saw many other artists’ work like George Seurat and M.C Escher. We also saw different styles like pointillism. After lunch, we were instructed to sketch an artefact. 3K was in the Chinese section, which displayed many beautiful artefacts. I drew an ancient dining bowl which was from 1500BC. Prisha, 3K

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