Lapworth Museum of Geology

Being only a small walk away from KEHS, the Lapworth Museum of Geology has been invaluable to our art students. It is extremely rare for schools to boast of having a nationally renowned museum right next door and the close proximity allows for the constant diffusion of ideas and inspiration for our girls, which is impossible to obtain from a one day trip to a distant museum. Only this year, exhibitions from the Lapworth museum have influenced the work of girls throughout the school; including that of the GCSE art students who created their own ceramic sculpture based on the fossils drawings they made in the museum. As well as the exhibitions, the Lapworth has offered girls the chance to speak to people highly distinguished in their field of work; the most recent being Richard Deacon, abstract sculptor and winner of the Turner Prize, who spoke with Priya G in the Lower Fifth about her art work and was able to offer many ideas on various artistic techniques. Not only does the museum help our school within the classroom, but they also offer opportunities for our girls externally by exhibiting our school’s work in the museum. This is a magnificently rare opportunity which enables our girls to have their art seen by a wide range of people and puts them on a public platform at a very young age. The Lapworth has offered our students countless opportunities for which we are very grateful. It is a place of colour, excitement and inspiration and goes way beyond its remit as a Geology Museum. We love it.

It was wonderful to hear that the Lapworth Museum of Geology has deservedly been shortlisted for Museum of the Year 2017. By experiencing the museum first hand, we can assure you that the Lapworth Museum has all the qualities which are needed for a museum to thrive, if not more; and we wish the museum the very best of luck in such a prestigious competition.

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